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We are grateful for the contributions  of people and organizations to the Liberty Street Project.  Those who have given us in-kind contributions are too numerous to mention.  Often an organization's time and expertise is just as valuable as money.  For example, although the town of Leesburg has been a financial donor we cannot express enough our appreciation for their assistance in ensuring we use the proper acquisition procedures and accounting principles.
  Members from other Masonic lodges have provided us with estimates, architectural drawings, wiring diagrams, etc.  Even now we are embarking on a partnership with the C.S. Monroe Technology Center, Loudoun County Virgina thereby allowing their students to demonstrate their skills in the are of wiring, plumbing and other vocational pursuits.

Below is a list of our major financial donors to date.  We are eternally grateful for their generous contributions.

  There cannot be meaning development without the consent, encouragement and support of our local jurisdiction.  From the beginning the Town of Leesburg has been an active partner.  Specifically, we enjoy the mentoring and expertise of their procurement department, Board of Architecture Review, Historic Preservation department, and Economic Development development team.  
 We continue to enjoy the support from the county's very active preservation society.  Although recently joining forces with the Loudoun County Preservation Society their commitment has been a source of inspiration for the Liberty Street Project.  Their annual grant program and subsequent awards ceremony at the historic Oatlands is always a civic and culunary treat!!
 Delegate Joe T. May is credited with sponsoring a request for funding in the Virginia General Assembly.  Delegate May participated in our Site Awareness Day and Dinner and has continued to encourage us to move forward with the Liberty Street Project.  We are fond of saying that for every Joe T. May there is a faithful Nancy.  Our hats are off to Nancy as she has wonderfully assisted us in locating additional sources of funding even though she labored under a host of personal challenges. 

Ms. Bobbie Skerrett is a shining example of how our neighbors have rallied behind our efforts to restore our historic structure.  We received a generous gift from Ms. Skerrett of 16 Liberty Street S.W. without any solicitation from us.  She simply walked over to the barber shop at 12 Liberty Street S.W. and inquired as to who to make the check out to.  When we met Ms. Skerrett she repeated emphasized her desire to work with us in fundraising activities, talke with town officials, and provide additonal funded when requested.  Her spirit and assistance is a source of continued encouragement.  Thank You Bobbie!!
 Members of Metropolitan Lodge #161 continue to raise funds as a Masonic lodge.  While most of the members of this lodge are senior citizens with limited fund raising experience they have proven to be tenacious workers.  The lodge's annual Sweetheart Ball sponsored around Valentine's Day is one example of how this lodge seeks to work for itself in earning revenue to support the Liberty Street Project.